Adrien Arcand, fürher canadien (French Edition)

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Today my collection of over magazines covers the third issue, 7 December , until mid Thanks to the internet, all issues can be found and enjoyed today online. LIFE was almost born into the Second World War and the articles with images exerted great editorial force on the American people before and after 7 December It changed the way Americans looked at the World at War, by changing the way Americans looked at themselves. In , the world was at war with Nazi Germany, while the citizens of the United States of American remained totally opposed to becoming involved.

At the same time, over American Nazi organizations were devoted to spreading anti-Semitic, anti-democratic, pro-Fascist doctrines to the American public, and a good portion came from Nazi Germany. These young German students also learned how to wage a war of propaganda, using literature and even comic books published in Germany. This is the most powerful image in the LIFE magazine article. The German population is listed beside the names of cities and on the floor little colored figures represent the German population from to 50, The area of Northeastern U.

Images of Canadian Fuhrer Arcand in The following history of Fritz Julius Kuhn is taken from the released microfilm files of the F. The original files were ordered destroyed by the Justice Department in Fritz Kuhn was born on 18 May , in Munich, where he attended [Volkschule] primary and [Oberrealschule] High School, studying chemistry and related subjects. He also fulfilled his military duty in the Bavarian Life Guards of Munich. Promoted to Lieutenant, he distinguished himself in the French, Italian, Serbian, and Rumanian front lines.

In , he fought in the Epp Voluntary Corps against politics which threatened to destroy Germany. In February , he joined the party of the Oberland Volunteer Corps and worked directly under the leader. It was during this time he went to hear Hitler speak at a town hall meeting in Munich. He graduated from the University of Munich with degree in Chemistry in July He began working in the oil fields of Tampico in the Gulf of Mexico, and sent for his wife in November that same year.

Adrien Arcand : Canadian Führer

A daughter and son were born to the family in Mexico, and in he purchased a small cosmetic factory in Mexico City. In , the factory was forced into bankruptcy and the family made plans to immigrate to the United States.

On 18 May , they legally entered the U. In , he obtained a position with the Henry Ford Motor plant, where he worked for the next seven years. In January , Kuhn took over as union leader of the Detroit group, replacing Heinz Spanknoebl as national leader of the Friends of the New Germany organization.

A People’s History of Canada Column

On 26 July , the American Bund passed in review in front of the Chancellery in Berlin, carrying the American flag and German swastika. The Americans were reviewed by Chancellor Hitler and Marshal Goering, and shortly after were invited to join Hitler in a special reception. Photos were taken of this event and one was investigated by the F. The report by Special Agent E. Conroy to Director Hover records six persons in the photograph and names each one. Reading from left to right they are as follows: 1. Adolf Hitler, 2. Unknown 4. Fritz Kuhn 5. Unknown 6. I believe the number 3 was Canadian Adrien Arcand.

Kuhn also contacted the [censored] leader of the German N. In August , Kuhn obtained a Russian passport and travelled to Kharkov for two weeks. He returned to the United States in October American leader Kuhn used the same image, [Golden Book presentation] in his Amerikadeutschen Year Book for , but had the background image of Canadian Fuhrer Adrien Archad deleted. A double use of Nazi propanganda.

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The State of New York passed a new law, signed by Governor Lehmann which prohibited the wearing of uniforms of foreign countries at all public meetings. Nothing changed. This reaches members of the German Colonial Society and keeps them updated on events.

The organization is growing fast and claims to have over , members. This is causing great excitement in Berlin and gives Hitler and Goering a more powerful scheme for American citizens. Hermann Goering was the Commander-in-Chief of the German Luftwaffe, and he understood the use of propaganda very well.

Adrien Arcand : Canadian Führer

The powerful results of his overseas radio broadcasts, combined with the growing Nazi movement in U. The new propaganda magazine was itself a German political and cultural publication, heavy with photographs, drawings, [by illustrator Theo Matejko] and articles on Luftwaffe individuals who won the highest German military order, the Knight Cross. This also convinced German home readers that Nazism was being supported by a large section of the American population, a double use of propaganda by the Third Reich. From , Der Adler printed many victories in air battles, bombing, and defeat of the British, which was reported as overpowering and dynamic to the citizens in the United States.

She also exposed that American born underage boys and girls were being sent to Germany to attend special Nazi training.

Paul est tout seul

Government did nothing. The special training that Hitler had created in , at the Stuttgart Institute for Germanism Abroad, headed by General Franz von Epp, was becoming a complete success in the United States of America, just five years later. In addition it maintains twenty-five juvenile summer camps in the New York area. The American Nazi Flag was growing in U. The former Nazi neighborhood on Long Island, N. The German propaganda machine went to work as soon as Hitler invaded Poland.

The British and French censors forbid any photo images and the Germans took great advantage in publicizing to the American and Canadian public the power and strength of the German forces. This also showed the German reputation for frankness in contrast to the British and French. After the war he worked as a poster, newspaper artist, moving to Berlin, Germany, in July By , he was designing film posters, including German full frontal nudes, sports events, and auto racing.

Bob Chodos, Author at Inroads

He soon became a very popular and highly paid German illustrator, which I believe attracted the attention of the new formed Stuttgart Institute of Germanism Abroad, possibly in In , he was sent to the United States to study painting and examine the American way of Life, which I believe was for future Nazi propaganda purposes. It is often stated that he was not a Nazi, but painted what he was told to do and which became his life.

This early work was possibly drawn in , after Theo Matejko returned from America and began illustrating for Die Wehrmacht [The Army] magazine. Even today, his art has a powerful impact and it is very easy to see why Matejko became the most popular propaganda Nazi artist from to The Nazi magazines with his combat art are still selling on the internet today.

The reports are online and make interesting reading. The FBI stated Fritz Kuhn holds a special position among the radical organizations in the United States of America, in view of the fact it is generally regarded as the organization which places the racial problems in the foreground. Kuhn was loyal to Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. On 5 December , he was found guilty and sentenced to Two and one half to five years in prison for grand larceny and perjury, arising from his embezzlement trial.

Kuhn served his time in Sing Sing Correctional Facility in New York, and while in prison, his American denaturalization certificate was issued by order of U. District Judge, John J. Bright, S. He was deported to wartime Germany, arrested again in , and served time until He died in Munich on 14 December Did these Americans fight for Germany or United States in the next four and one half years?

Culture et mouvements de pensée - Le fascisme au Québec dans les années 20 et 30

A LIFE magazine survey revealed that Americans did not see this as their problem to solve; they had become an isolationist nation. LIFE was attempting to change that, by showing and telling the truth. Even after President Roosevelt won his third term, and England stood alone in the advance of Hitler, the American public remained determinedly isolationist. With the sudden attack by the Japanese on Pearl Harbor, 7 December , the American public national state of war denial was crushed. The Roosevelt administration understood the power of propaganda and moved to create a massive new effort to prepare the American citizens for world war.

The art of film and animation was entering its greatest period just when the U. Government required it the most. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Maestro Start date Apr 3, Maestro Master Sergeant. Apr 3, Greetings ladies and gentlemen. I just heard on the radio about a guy who wrote a book on a dark part of Canadian history Fascism in Canada and more particularly the fascist leader in Canada : Adrien Arcand. The book is currently only available in French, but I'm sure it will be translated into English soon.

But so far, here is his Wikipedia entry Adrien Arcand October 3, — August 1, was a Montreal journalist who led a series of fascist political movements between until his death in It is alleged that he received covert funds from the leader of the Canadian Conservative Party Richard Bedford Bennett to operate his newspapers and propagate anti-Semitism.