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How to date “out of your league” and get 9s and 10s (and why most of you won’t)

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How do you REALLY Get 9s and 10s? – Game Solved

Her Sexual Availability? You will need to calibrate how dominant you are to get good attraction, and how much rapport you need to pull them into bed. Every woman is going to be different, and there are so many factors that control this ratio; the formula is complicated. Because of all of these factors, it's not possible to tell how much attraction or rapport a woman may need before you start talking to her. It's almost impossible to create a perfect model that's going to work in every case.

That's why those 7s and 8s require so much calibration.

Here are the changes you need to make to attract 9s and 10s

Now you can see the problem. Everyone wants to create rapport with her, and is super nice. So, to be different and to create attraction, you need to break every possible rapport with her. You don't want to connect with her at all. You need to be different than everyone else.

You need to show her that you are not affected by her beauty at all, and that you don't think she is special. You need to be total selfish bastard. This is the part of the game I love to play. With those women, there is no rapport at all. She needs to create rapport with you.

The first sign that you like her and want to connect with her may be a turn off for her. She knows that she can get everything she wants, and when she starts getting it, she gets bored. So, don't give her what she wants. Me: You have arms and legs.

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He needs my help. Me SMS : Have sex with him. Or, I dunno Africa, maybe. Me: Yeah, go to the jungle; that's best for you.

It's interesting, she will stay around you as long as you do this.