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Jock Klugman, Karen Steele guest star in repeat of "Pier ' ',. Engineer-architect Buckminster Fuller. A former wagonmaster, burdened by guilt, helps the drovers round up a herd of cattle in wild brush country repeat 7-Main Event. Rocky Mar-ciano vs. Industrial artist L S. Walter tries to sell the house next door to a client who can't stand pets repeat 2 Pianoforte. David Tyler, N. Conservatory 4- 10 The Detectives, Adam West.

Matt Holbrook discovers Sgt Steve Nelson was involved in a coffee house brawl shortly before a murder was committed there repeat 5- 12 Route 66, Janice Rule. A spy seeks vengeance on Stu Bailey for having arrested him five years earlier Germany: Fathers and Sons. Documentary on the "barrier of silence" between Germans who lived under Hitler and the younger generation born in the closing days of the Third Reich 5-Father of the Bride.

Despite Elite's warnings, Stanley makes a spectacle of himself at the first formal meeting with the Dunstans repeat The Third Man 2 -Twilight Zone. A combination of no vision, no reinvestment of capital, aging restaurants, a stale menu, lack of marketing or new ideas, and competition from other chains had taken their toll; restaurants were closing their doors. Cendant acquired the rights to operate and maintain the remaining Howard Johnson's restaurants.

In , Cendant sold them to La Mancha Group LLC, [31] which had proposed an aggressive expansion of the restaurant chain that never materialized. Cendant split into four smaller companies in ; its hotel group became Wyndham Worldwide while other pieces were spun off separately to become Avis Budget Group , Realogy , Travelport and Affinion Group. A line of Howard Johnson-branded frozen foods disappeared from grocery stores after Fairfield Farms Kitchens shut down its Brockton, Massachusetts plant in [33] and America's Kitchen of Atlanta, Georgia shut down in May In spring , one of the last three original Howard Johnson's restaurants closed, in Lake George , and was listed for sale.

While the highest tier in the hotel franchise HoJo Hotel Plaza does include a restaurant, there is no requirement that these replicate menus, format or branding of the former Howard Johnson restaurant chain. On March 31, , the Lake Placid, N.

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Then in September , the Bangor restaurant closed, leaving the Lake George restaurant the very last location remaining out of the original 1,plus. The Lake George Howard Johnson's restaurant sign proclaims "Last One Standing", however in January its parcel of land went up for sale, putting its future in question. Use of the Howard Johnson's restaurant name is still permitted due to a grandfather clause. Despite retaining the original building and trademark name, its authenticity as a true Howard Johnson's restaurant has been put in question due to its dissimilar menu and negative reviews.

On opening day they are excited to see a new building being built just down the road that could potentially bring them lots of customers only to later find out the new building is a Howard Johnson's. The film A Space Odyssey was "one of the very first to carry ' product placements ' for companies" such as Howard Johnson's, whose logos appear aboard the space station.

In the scene where the Russian scientists share a drink with Dr. Floyd, it is shown that the restaurant chain servicing the space station is Howard Johnson's. However, exteriors were actually shot in Baldwin Park, California. In the Academy Award -winning Best Picture of , Marty , Ernest Borgnine winner of the Best Actor Oscar in the film tries to make a date with a girl and recalls their last meeting where they had burgers and a milkshake was at Howard Johnson's.

A prominent interlude in the song-story, " Billy the Mountain " from the Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention album Just Another Band from LA has Billy asking his wife Ethell, a tree growing out of his shoulder, if she wants to go to Howard Johnson's for some clams. In the movie Sunshine Cleaning , a character references eating at Howard Johnson's. In the film Blazing Saddles , a joke is made of recreating the town of Rock Ridge "right down to the orange roof on Howard Johnson's outhouse" and signage boasting "1 flavor".

The character named Howard Johnson was played by John Hillerman. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Howard Johnson International, Inc. This section needs additional citations for verification.

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October Wyndham Hotel Group. Retrieved 21 January Press Release. Retrieved 9 April Times Union. Retrieved 4 December Hotel Management.

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Retrieved 10 April The Atlantic. Retrieved 10 September McGraw-Hill Professional. Retrieved 18 September John Wiley and Sons. Time Inc: The New York Times. An immigrant from Calamata , Greece, Soffron invented clam strips: battered and fried slices from the "foot" of hard-shelled sea clams which held up better when frozen than did the coastal variety.

For years Soffron Brothers Clam Co. Few HoJos are left, but the clam strip's enduring popularity stands as its creator's legacy. Soffron died on February 21, at age 96 in Ipswich, his hometown. Duke Libraries. National Fire Protection Association Blog.

enter site Paul Center for Business". Eastern Nazarene College. Los Angeles Times. Lodging Magazine. Retrieved 4 February Howard Johnson International. Orlando Sentinel. Bangor, Maine. Associated Press. Milford Daily News. Hartford Courant. Plant Closings : 2. The Albany Times Union.

Its complete classification by class, sub-class, order, family, genus, and species—How the Coffea arabica grows, flowers, and bears—Other species and hybrids described—Natural caffein-free coffee—Fungoid diseases of coffee Page How the beans may be examined under the microscope, and what is revealed—Structure of the berry, the green, and the roasted beans—The coffee-leaf disease under the microscope—Value of microscopic analysis in detecting adulteration Page Chemistry of the preparation and treatment of the green bean—Artificial aging—Renovating damaged coffees—Extracts—"Caffetannic acid"—Caffein, caffein-free coffee—Caffeol—Fats and oils—Carbohydrates—Roasting—Scientific aspects of grinding and packaging—The coffee brew—Soluble coffee—Adulterants and substitutes—Official methods of analysis Page The geographical distribution of the coffees grown in North America, Central America, South America, the West India Islands, Asia, Africa, the Pacific Islands, and the East Indies—A statistical study of the distribution of the principal kinds—A commercial coffee chart of the world's leading growths, with market names and general trade characteristics Page The early days of coffee culture in Abyssinia and Arabia—Coffee cultivation in general—Soil, climate, rainfall, altitude, propagation, preparing the plantation, shade, wind breaks, fertilizing, pruning, catch crops, pests, and diseases—How coffee is grown around the world—Cultivation in all the principal producing countries Page Early Arabian methods of preparation—How primitive devices were replaced by modern methods—A chronological story of the development of scientific plantation machinery, and the part played by English and American inventors—The marvelous coffee package, one of the most ingenious in all nature—How coffee is harvested—Picking—Preparation by the dry and the wet methods—Pulping—Fermentation and washing—Drying—Hulling, or peeling, and polishing—Sizing, or grading—Preparation methods of different countries Page A statistical study of world production of coffee by countries—Per capita figures of the leading consuming countries—Coffee-consumption figures compared with tea-consumption figures in the United States and the United Kingdom—Three centuries of coffee trading—Coffee drinking in the United States, past and present—Reviewing the trade in the United States Page Buying coffee in the producing countries—Transporting coffee to the consuming markets—Some record coffee cargoes shipped to the United States—Transport over seas—Java coffee "ex-sailing vessels"—Handling coffee at New York, New Orleans, and San Francisco—The coffee exchanges of Europe and the United States—Commission men and brokers—Trade and exchange contracts for delivery—Important rulings affecting coffee trading—Some well-known green coffee marks Page The trade values, bean characteristics, and cup merits of the leading coffees of commerce, with a "Complete Reference Table of the Principal Kinds of Coffee Grown in the World"—Appearance, aroma, and flavor in cup-testing—How experts test coffee—A typical sample-roasting and cup-testing outfit Page Coffee roasting as a business—Wholesale coffee-roasting machinery—Separating, milling, and mixing or blending green coffee, and roasting by coal, coke, gas, and electricity—Facts about coffee roasting—Cost of roasting—Green-coffee shrinkage table—"Dry" and "wet" roasts—On roasting coffee efficiently—A typical coal roaster—Cooling and stoning—Finishing or glazing—Blending roasted coffees—Blends for restaurants—Grinding and packaging—Coffee additions and fillers—Treated coffees, and dry extracts Page How coffees are sold at wholesale—The wholesale salesman's place in merchandising—Some coffee costs analyzed—Handy coffee-selling chart—Terms and credits—About package coffees—Various types of coffee containers—Coffee package labels—Coffee package economies—Practical grocer helps—Coffee sampling—Premium method of sales promotion Page How coffees are sold at 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Louis in the sixties and seventies—The story of the evolution of the Burns roaster—How the gas roaster was developed in France, Great Britain, and the United States Page How coffee is roasted, prepared, and served in all the leading civilized countries—The Arabian coffee ceremony—The present-day coffee houses of Turkey—Twentieth century improvements in Europe and the United States Page The evolution of grinding and brewing methods—Coffee was first a food, then a wine, a medicine, a devotional refreshment, a confection, and finally a beverage—Brewing by boiling, infusion, percolation, and filtration—Coffee making in Europe in the nineteenth century—Early coffee making in the United States—Latest developments in better coffee making—Various aspects of scientific coffee brewing—Advice to coffee lovers on how to buy coffee, and how to make it in perfection Page Giving dates and events of historical interest in legend, travel, literature, cultivation, plantation treatment, trading, and in the preparation and use of coffee from the earliest time to the present Page A list of references gathered from the principal general and scientific libraries—Arranged in alphabetic order of topics Page Encomiums and descriptive phrases applied to the plant, the berry, and the beverage.

Painted from nature by M. Eaton—Detail sketches show anther, pistil, and section of corolla. Origin and translation of the word from the Arabian into various languages—Views of many writers. T he history of the word coffee involves several phonetic difficulties.

The European languages got the name of the beverage about from the original Arabic qahwah , not directly, but through its Turkish form, kahveh. This was the name, not of the plant, but the beverage made from its infusion, being originally one of the names employed for wine in Arabic. Contributing to a symposium on the etymology of the word coffee in Notes and Queries , , James Platt, Jr. He explains the vowel o in the second series as apparently representing au , from Turkish ahv.

This seems unsupported by evidence, and the v is already represented by the ff , so on Sir James's assumption coffee must stand for kahv-ve , which is unlikely. The change from a to o , in my opinion, is better accounted for as an imperfect appreciation.