Cries of a Restaurant Client: a reflection on customer service

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He then went with the client. When the client complained about the missing money, he tooked a 50 from his wallet and gave it to him.

When the customer isn’t right – for your business

He backs up his employee and gets rid of a difficult customer at the same time. As a small business owner I have always held the philosophy that the customer was always on the scam. My experience in the Wireless Industry, in particular in my current position as store manager has shown me a lot of these examples. I have gone as far as to tell a customer threatening me that I would accept his challenge and go outside with him.

Managing Service in Food and Beverage Operations 50 | Chef | Empowerment

The guy comes in once a week now, brings me coffee sometimes, and he has even refered business to me. Sometimes putting your foot down at the right time, and the right way will actually win you additional business. Other times the customer is upset and will not return — I take care of my guys first and foremost.

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I got paid to keep people out of trouble. You wanna stay out of trouble, do as I tell you. LOTS of replies, but I just wanted to put my two cents worth. This is an awesome article, and after my experience working fast food for 7 years 5 of which as manager while going to college it is totally dead on. It does go both ways though, and if I go into an establishment and get bad or rude service without any action from me , I simply leave and choose smoeone else. A business dependent on a few customers has a business-plan problem unless those are great customers. Great business and great customers are a solid combination.

Some very large companies are too dependent on a few customers. For example, if you make parts for very large airliners there are only two makers: Airbus and Boeing. Some companies do bow out of that squeeze, instead concentrating on smaller makers and military airplanes though those big-two are in military markets as well. But it can happen — years ago in Seattle electrical building contractors were shunning Boeing despite hard times in their industry because Boeing was not treating them properly.

You were in the right and that guy was being a total jerk. Try not to let it get to you. OK, try and get the employee to pay the bills instead of the client. I would suggest to my problem customers that my competition could help them better — I liked to share the pain. I used to work at a hardware store, and like cmc said in a previous post, customers would demand unreasonable and in some cases unsafe things. There is a difference between a customer who has a legitimate and reasonable complaint and goes about lodging their dissatisfaction in a manner that is consistent with a basic respect for civil ethics ie.

My superiors never understood that these people were abusing the spirit of customer service, and that ironically by taking up so much of my time, are in fact hurting customer service as a whole. I would spend two hours out of my week with this one customer who was never satisfied with any purchase he has ever made with the company I worked for. He cried to management and they gave him gift certificates! I ended up quitting. Most stores have a percentage of their budget worked in to placate unreasonable customers, but it is also reflected in the prices you pay, like the same principle with shoplifting.

All in all, as a consumer I feel that when I go shopping it is an equal exchange. They have something I want, I have something they want. Consumers need to educate themselves as to what they want when they go shopping. I expect cheap food delivered quickly. If I go to a five star restaurant, then I expect another level of service, but I also expect to pay for that service. Btw, Alex, your observation that disrespected employees provide bad service is right on the mark.

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Needless to say, she got a lot of extra orders of nachos topped with dog turds, fish hooks, and a lot of other stuff left at her house. Contra Jeff above, no, the customer is not always right. Commerce is an exchange between equals.

Would anyone want this guy working for him? When people are put in a bad situation that they feel powerless to change or escape from, you often see them becoming either apathetic or covertly rebellious. It tends to brings out the worst in people and make them behave badly, immaturely and spitefully. The worst part is that this rarely, if ever, brings a solution any closer. Some customers are really just not worth keeping.

Top 5 reasons why “The Customer Is Always Right” is wrong

One of my friends is a customer account manager with one of the major telcos, and when I was with him once, I actually witnessed him telling the customer off and informing the customer that if he should continue to make unreasonable demands, the company regrets that a business relationship will no longer be possible.

This theory absolutely needs to be applied to healthcare. I work in a hospital myself. The census got low over the summer, and the administration who all have the MBA Disease of milking the organization and running it into the ground to inflate the quarterly balance sheet decided to let the staff go down by attrition. They downsized not only nursing staff, but the night shift ward secretaries and an employee health nurse who had been there for 30 years.

And yet they have the utter gall to spring this filthy, demeaning, manipulative Fish! Philosophy bullshit on us to try to jolly us into enjoying being screwed. The worst of it is, their cost-cutting measures are pennywise, pound foolish. Patients are more likely to judge a hospital by how long it takes to get a call light answered than by whether the building looks like a palatial hotel or the landscaping looks like the hanging gardens of babylon.

And the offsetting savings from that alone would probably make it a net efficiency: the main cause of hospital-acquired MRSA infections, falls, and the like is understaffing. Yet they try to solve all these problems through everything BUT adequate staffing: slogans, cheerleading, micromanagment, more tracking forms, in-services, handouts, revival meetings.

Never mind all the crap like said ACE unit that they deliberately waste money on instead of staffing. And frankly, the costs from employee disgruntlement probably amount to more than the cost of adequate staffing. They figure, rightly, that the hospital is saving enough on staffing costs that they might as well save themselves a few seconds of precious time when the call-lights are stacked up six deep.

I work for a major achitectural hardware manufacture as a tecnical services representative. I was recently disciplined for hanging up on a customer who looking more for a fight than he was help with his issue. He was verbally abusive and according to him we were all idiots.

I asked the customer twice to calm dowm and be civil as I really did want to help him with his problem. His response was to launch into another tirade at which point I terminated the call. The customer did not give up. He called into the company through another channel after which he was redirected back to me. I informed the csr on the other end that this customerwas on record as being abusive and i would not help him. An half-way decent option would be to placate the customer while telling you, you did right.

An even better option would be to fire the customer. NurseJ and disgruntled: Thanks for the input from the health sector. I had never thought it might apply there, but it seems it does. In a two-hour visit to a large mall today, I faced:. And, why was I on such a shopping spree? US Airways lost my large suitcase on the first day of a 17 day business trip…5 suits, 4 pairs of shoes, a brand new briefcase and a variety of other items have to be replaced.

I am a nurse and work in a busy ED where the wait to be seen grows longer and longer. We are now reqired to see those who complain and are the most abusive, first, instead of those who are the most ill. This policy flies in the face of what we, as trained professionals, are trying to do in order to ensure the sickest of our patients are seen first.

Business people have now become self-proclaimed medical experts and exert their control over every field of medicine and nursing. Customer service has gone too far in our industry. We are not dealing with faulty merchandise of poorly made retail items. Our product is human beings with serious diseases. No two are alike and not everyone who enters the ED is at the brink of death, quite the contrary.

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Our primary job is to take care of those who are at the brink of death and not listen to the rantings of irrational individuals who think their stuffy nose or toothache that started 20 minutes ago is a priority. Patients can demand tests and drugs and we are obliged to provide this even if the physician and nurse do not think this necessary.

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Staff and hospitals are now judged by customer service surveys and have to bend over backwards or forwards to comply with obtaiing positive ratings. Sadly, the medical professions have handed over control of patient care to a group of wealthy businessmen who can only see the color green! Great Article…. This has all proven to be very helpful in researching and writing about customer service. When is this outlandish term going to be abolished?