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He just sort of showed up. Meanwhile, deep in space a madman stood in his time machine with his two newest companions. They were on their way to a distant planet and were settling with some tea when a burning sensation seared the man's chest where his heart should be. What was this? Was something wrong with his hearts? Did Rory accidently use an alien poison instead of the tea leaves? No, that's impossible. He didn't carry poison on his time machine and no alien poison appeared as tea leaves. Then what was it? He lifted his hand into his coat, fingers gripping the sonic paper that burned with life.

He stared at the paper, finding that it was a message from a very old friend. His heart warmed at the sight of the name written there, but it fell instantly.

Doctor Who - The Complete Adventures - Eighth Doctor

The only reason the sonic paper would have reacted that way would mean…oh dear. Something was wrong. Something was very, very wrong with his old friend. He turned his head as his two companions asked what the matter was and he shouted simply over his shoulder, "We're making a house call. John sat in his chair silently as the rain tapped at the windows. It was another gloomy day in London.

Well, every day seemed gloomy to John now. He stared out into the distance, letting memories of his time with his best friend pass through his mind. He was so lost in the memories that when the strange sound of an old time machine echoed from the corner of the room he just thought he was day dreaming.

It was when a man in a bow tie came strolling out with that gleeful expression on his bright face that John finally realized he had come.

Jude the Obscure

The Doctor had returned to him in his darkest hour. He watched as The Doctor's face turned slowly to a worried glow and the ancient eyes drifted around the flat to see the state of the dusty old place that used to be called home. John held up a hand, stopping his old sitter with the shaking hand. The Doctor looked him over with a pitied stare and John knew that it was because he was close to tears.

The Doctor licked his lips, glancing around the room again.

The question John had dreaded to hear from those lips. John knew he had to tell The Doctor. He deserved to know after all. With a shaky breath John met his old friend's gaze, feeling the tears burn his eyes and blur his vision. The Doctor's face fell into shock and his eyes widened as he stared at the man he had run with. John turned his face away, squeezing his eyes shut as the tears threatened his eyes again. That's when he heard a loud crash. He looked up, to see that some papers had fell to the floor. He whipped his head around for the cause, but found a sight he wished he didn't have to witness.

The Doctor was dashing from room to room, shouting for Sherlock. The tears fell freely now down John's face as The Doctor slammed doors and cried out at the top of his lungs. Sherlock wasn't going to come to The Doctor's call this time. He never would ever again. Slowly, John got up from his seat and found his way into Sherlock's bedroom.

The Doctor was staring into the empty room, breathing heavy. When he heard John come in he spun around, revealing the wet eyes of the weary time travel John had followed his entire life. The old Time Lord wiped his hands over his face, body shaking slightly with the shock of it all. John wanted to reach out to him, but he let The Doctor have his space. When Sherlock had died that was all John wanted from those around him.

He didn't want to hear how sorry they were or how Sherlock had been a good mean. He knew what they all really thought. They all thought he was a lie; a FAKE! No, that wasn't true. Sherlock may have said it himself, but John knew deep down that was wrong. They had been friends since childhood and he knew Sherlock better than anyone. When The Doctor finally looked up his face was full of determination. I won't let this happen.

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John followed him, eyes wide in confusion. He's dead! The Doctor turned then, winking at John cleverly.

He watched as Sherlock spread his arms wide and fell from the rooftop of St. The Doctor stared at the slowly falling figure with wide eyes, memories of the little boy he once knew flying through his mind. He and John stood outside; staring up into the sky as snow slowly fell. John was dressed in his pajamas, but he didn't complain about the cold. Sherlock ran down a road, surrounded by snow covered statues….

The Doctor shook himself from the memories and walked back into the present. No, he wasn't going to let all those memories go to waste like this. The madman threw himself into the doors, thrusting them open and pleaded that he had been quick enough. Luckily, The Doctor still kept some of his old clothes from when he used to travel along.

The two men stared at each other from a distance. Tear tracks were still present on Sherlock's face from the conversation he and John had just had on the phone and looked all to nervous and leery to approach his best friend.

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At least The Doctor was there to give him a small push. Gently, the Doctor pressed his hand against the detective's back. Sherlock glanced back and the old Time Lord shook his head. Sherlock nodded gratefully and turned his gaze back to John, who was waiting for him patiently. Without another second of hesitation Sherlock burst into a run towards John and pulled him into an embrace.

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