La princesse Palatine (METIERS VERSAIL) (French Edition)

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Eventually there arises the question of whether or not their close familial bond can be sustained, and whether one can live without the other.

  • A Night to Remember..
  • A treatise of the cohabitacyon of the faithfull with the vnfaithfull. Whereunto is added. A sermon made of the confessing of Christe and his gospell, and of the denyinge of the same..

In French with optional English subtitles 1 hour 42 minutes. Captioned for the hearing-impaired. Entering a local movie theater, they are astonished to see what appears to be their father in the film. The two decide to steal the reel of film to examine it, and are later caught and sent to a strict Koran school to learn discipline.

Extremely unhappy in their new school, Amine and Tahir are determined to escape and continue their search. In Chad Arabic and French, with optional English subtitles 1 hour 24 minutes.

The pair struggles not only with the limitations placed on them by society and by their families, but with the boundaries of their own feelings for each other. Is their relationship founded solely on physical attraction or a deeper love? She has a chance encounter one evening with Alex, a Parisian vagrant. Both homeless, they make a life together on the Pont-Neuf, the oldest bridge in Paris, which has been closed for renovation. In French, no subtitles 2 hours.

In the aftermath of their failed revolution, he and his artist friends live an empty existence. In French, no subtitles 3 hours. Film: 2 hours. Much of the film consists of conversations between the two main characters, marking milestones in their philosophical and passionate relationship. Available extras include theatrical trailers, widescreen presentation, interactive menus, and scene selections.

History of France : Highlights from Louis XIV to Napoleon

In French with optional English or Spanish subtitles 2 hours 9 minutes. Jacques-Alain is the head of a major corporation that is about to close an important business deal.

Coco Chanel’s Revolutionary Style

With the stress of his job, he starts having strange anxiety episodes, leaving him incapable of speaking properly. In French with optional French captioning 1 hour 44 minutes. The kind-hearted and always solicitous Antoine brings Louis home to his apartment and decides he will help Louis straighten out his life. Learning of the woman who sent Louis spiraling into depression after she broke off their love affair, Antoine sets out to reunite his new friend with Blanche.

Soon, however, Antoine finds himself deeply conflicted as he too begins to fall for Blanche, a lovely girl who works in a flower shop. In French with on-screen English subtitles 1 hour 50 minutes. Christian Clavier and Monica Bellucci; Goofy live-action comedy based on the classic French comic book series.

Will they finish the palace in time to please the queen Cleopatra? It looked as they would run the place well into their old age, until Hyppolyte was diagnosed with olfactory cancer. Tomorrow they close the restaurant forever. But before they leave their home, they have gathered their family and friends for one last dinner to share delicious food and delightful memories. French with optional English subtitles 1 hour 35 minutes. The boys must still deal with many of the harsh realities of wartime France from rationing of food and heating oil to tense encounters with the Nazi occupying forces.

A mysterious new student arrives at the school that the boys immediately label as different. In French with optional English subtitles 1 hour 41 minutes. In order to become a better candidate for the job, he decides to leave behind his mother and girlfriend Martine and spend a year studying in Spain.

  • Titos Brille: Die Geschichte meiner strapaziösen Familie (German Edition);
  • Ich bin ein vergessenes Kind (German Edition).

Finding lodging in a Barcelona apartment with students from all over Europe, Xavier learns more than he had planned about life, love, friendship, and fun. French and Spanish audiotracks; option of English or Spanish subtitles and full- or wide-screen format 2 hours 2 minutes.

Les appartements loués et testés par les French'Yorkers

The story of an extremely close-minded man caught up in an international espionage adventure. Jacob Plivert is forced to confront the stereotypes he lives with as he pretends to be a rabbi to escape from the clutches of international thugs. In French with on-screen English subtitles 1 hour 40 minutes. Junie is left to decide between her classmate or less appropriately her teacher. In French with optional English and Spanish subtitles 1 hour 38 minutes.

A fascinating psychological thriller. Available extras include the making of the featurette, theatrical trailer, filmographies, weblinks, and French film trailer gallery. Hoping to be relocated to the south in order to invigorate his depressed wife, he fakes being handicapped.

Gardens of Versailles

An instructor catches him in the act, and consequently Philippe gets relocated to northern France where the people speak a strange dialect and eat stranger food. Over time, however, Philippe grows to like the community and enjoys living there. In French with optional subtitles in Chitimis, English, or French 1 hour 42 minutes. Though the couple is enamored by the city at first, St-Pierre is reluctant to return the affection. Unfamiliar with the European instruments and music styles in demand, Hermansia and Tiquitaque cannot find employment as musicians and are forced to take domestic work to survive.

In French and Creole with optional English subtitles 1 hour 30 minutes. With the Nazis set to invade Paris in June , the population of the city desperately flees south by train, car, foot, or any way possible. These characters and others cross paths in Bordeaux on their way to the relative safety of southern France in this complex and often comic tale.

In French with optional English, Portuguese or Spanish subtitles 1 hour 55 minutes. In French with optional French captioning Film: 1 hour 54 minutes. In French with on-screen English subtitles 1 hour 18 minutes. With the police unwilling to open an investigation, as the mysterious packages present no direct threat, Georges is left on his own.

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In French with optional English or Spanish subtitles 1 hour 58 minutes. However, when word gets out that the Riberos are planning on leaving, everyone they know conspires together to find a way to keep them from moving back to Portugal. In French with optional English subtitles 1 hour 30 minutes. Born into a wealthy family, Claudel is drawn to artistic endeavors even as a child.

After graduating from art school in Paris, she impresses Rodin with her aptitude for sculpting the human form. She becomes his apprentice and then his lover. Alienated from family, friends, and Rodin, she descends into self-destruction, chaos, and eventually madness. She dies in , after thirty years of involuntary residency at a mental institution, during which time she has few visitors. In French with optional English, French, and Spanish subtitles 2 hours 39 minutes.

Younes, growing up during the years of political upset before and throughout the Algerian Revolution, meets and falls in love with Emilie, a French woman who moves to Algeria. The story that unwinds over the course of his lifetime involves racial tension, family conflict, and the fortunes and misfortunes that befall the star-crossed lovers. In French with optional English or French subtitles 2 hours 39 minutes. Audio available in French or English, no subtitles 50 minutes. Adrien and the other officers in the same hospital ward struggle with not only their physical injuries but with the social and psychological difficulties of returning from the war front, barely recognizable to their families In French with optional French captioning 2 hours 8 minutes.

When Julie dies suddenly, her boyfriend, close friends, and family struggle to cope with their loss as best they can. In French with English subtitles 1 hour 35 minutes. By turns shocking, thrilling, and comedic, the film explores the modern problems of race, class, gender, and religion in a manner that is both unapologetic and unsettling. In French with option of English subtitles 1 hour 49 minutes.