Leading Missional Communities

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Missional Communities

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6 Leadership Roles in Missional Communities –

Forgotten password Use the form below to recover your username and password. Have this person communicate in whatever way is best for everyone text, email, Facebook , about what to bring for the next meal, parties, service opportunities, etc. This leader needs to enjoy communicating in a friendly way, organizing, and delegating. This leader is responsible for calling the community to prayer, they lead prayer times, and are the spokespeople for turning the missional communities attention to asking God and listening to God.

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This person will organize and facilitate times of prayer. They will also share prayer requests. They are the leaders who are intentionally thinking through prayer in the life of the community. Who can host the weekly meals? Who is blessed by having people in their homes and will think through creating a space that is conducive to sharing an intentional meal and discussion each week?

The host ought to be a welcoming person who views their home as an outpost of the kingdom and space to share in gospel conversation.

From the very first meeting, invite everyone to pitch in with cleaning up after the kids, washing dishes, taking out the trash, and putting the home back the way it was when everyone arrived. Everyone participates in family chores! Not all the leaders have to be skilled teachers or counselors.


Launching Missional Communities | Excerpt #1

However, for the group to explore faith and obedience together, you will need a leader who can guide and lead discussions around the gospel, community, and mission. This guide will help the discussion leader the most. This leader enjoys teaching and explaining new truths as much as helping others engage those truths.

They will be good teachers and good listeners, too. The shared mission of your missional community will be specific, relational, and regular. Meaning you will know who the people are, you will be able to get to know them, and you will serve and be around them often.