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Professional Development. Middle School Programs. Design Camp. Plan Your Visit. Buy Tickets. Getting Here. Explore the Collection. We ate together, wrote together, and shared new works together. After one officially scheduled reading, we conspired to convene again in a farmhouse kitchen to open even more bottles of wine, lay out more plates of food, and continue readings new pieces until well past midnight. Then they spend time with the authors and in discussions about writing and life.

By the last day, they have pages and pages of new writing and read bravely in front of an uproarious audience. Abi Tschetter, who said she had been suffering from a two-year writers block, spent one craft session writing furiously in her notebook and frowned when Ruth Ozeki called the group to the next exercise. The audience clapped, moaned, and cheered throughout the readings, some authors onstage for the first time ever, some published veterans.

Kelsye Nelson is co-founder of Writer. In her copious spare time, she teaches nonprofits how to use social media, travels with her daughter, walks her giant dog endlessly around city blocks and sometimes, possibly, even writes. This piece was originally featured at The Feminist Wire and can be accessed here. The questions he contemplates peacefully from a Maui beach house overlooking the Pacific, I contemplate on my dusty Tucson patio. So it came as somewhat of a surprise that I found so much of his wisdom relatable and true.

This is unflinching love in the face of oblivion. What a wonderfully broad and inclusive introduction to queer theory. I found this really fascinating, even when I disagreed with a specific point here and there. It'll certainly be a jumping-off point for other readings, many of which are cited in this book!

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John Waters is nothing if not consistent. He always delivers exactly what we expect from him and, if you're a fan, exactly what you want. This reads exactly like his spoken word work. Hilarious if stubbornly outdated. I read this after reading her second book, From Here to Eternity , which I loved. I liked this one even more. This one is about the death industry, yes, but it's also about the individual struggle to accept mortality.

Doughty gets extremely personal, seeming at once one-of-a-kind and deeply relatable.

Sometimes being a kid is hard. Wouldn't you rather be an armadillo or a worm? This book, full of beautiful and stylistic art, explores what every kid has felt at some point. This sweet and poignant book manages to make something as painful and amorphous as loss into something both relatable and hopeful. A beautiful book for anybody— of any age— that has dealt with loss. Be ready to cry!

I don't know if I want more to grow up to be Sissy Hankshaw or Bonanza Jellybean, who are just two of the incredible characters in this story that takes place somewhere between mid-century America and the strangest corners of your dreams. If you haven't had the pleasure of reading this joyfully bizarre book, it's high time.

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A clear-eyed exploration of something that is usually only discussed as the subject of jokes. An important piece of the puzzle when addressing hierarchical systems of power in the U. I read a couple dozen books during my pregnancy looking for a parenting book that resonated with me, matched my values, and was also an entertaining read, and this was the ONLY one that fit the bill.

This book is a natural extension of DIY punk ethos and anarchist community-building, and a great parenting resource. This book is so charming and accessible.

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A must read. Give this to your well-meaning aunt who says all of this is "just too confusing. A wonderful gift for new parents, or a great overview for how we can unlearn misogyny in our daily lives. Have you ever read a graphic novel with a bibliography?

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Reading this and taking in the beautiful illustrations is a meditation. The theory is good thought exercise, even if you find yourself disagreeing on some points. Witchbody will bring more beauty and consideration into your life. Gross, embarrassing, harrowing, and absolutely gripping. This book will earn your love and then traumatize you terribly. Be warned. The language is natural, the characters people I knew in my own childhood.

A surprisingly natural meeting place for history, social justice, and ghost stories, and an addictive read. A conversational and vulnerable exploration of the many ways death impacts us. Warm and familiar. A lighthearted but respectful exploration of some of the ways we deal with our dead. A beautifully illustrated book that prizes dreaming big and teaches kids that being tough and tender can go hand in hand.

An engaging, witty, and accessible dive into the anthropology and biology behind a long-standing taboo. Skip to main content. Availability: Usually Ships in Days. Published: W.