Miss Minerva and William Green Hill

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Miss Minerva

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Miss Minerva and William Green Hill by Frances Boyd Calhoun

The Haunting of Cassie Palmer. She ain't plumb mad yet. The two little boys sat very still and quiet. I had 'em trying to cut a piece of wire.

shchikarefff.ru/modules/102-boutique-zithromax.php I stole off and went down to Sam Lamb's hose this morning and tooken breakfast with him and his old woman, Sukey,' he boasted. Aug 01, Seale Ballenger rated it it was amazing. The first in a series of very politically incorrect children's books that take place in the South. They are a reflection of the time they were written in 30s. Despite skewed views on class and race, the books have a lot of heart and charm.

Dec 01, Anne rated it it was amazing. Dad read this to me, and it was an absolute favorite! A must for every child's and adult's reading list,. Mar 08, Michael Holm rated it liked it Shelves: juvenile. I thought this book was hilarious when I read it as a teenager. Re-reading it sixty years later, it is amusing but not hilarious. Miss Minerva is a spinster who reluctantly but dutifully takes in her orphan relative. William Green Hill is a white five-year-old boy who had been raised by a black family from whom he learned the Negro slave dialect and not-so-many restrictions. Today, such extensive use of the dialect is viewed as condescending and ridiculing, especially since the Southern drawl of I thought this book was hilarious when I read it as a teenager.

Today, such extensive use of the dialect is viewed as condescending and ridiculing, especially since the Southern drawl of the white folks in the stories is not depicted. These white adults all speak perfect English. Nevertheless, depictions of the slave dialect preserves a record of it for American history and literature.

Of course, the lack of proper education and segregation is responsible, not the intelligence level of the slaves. The Uncle Remus stories by Joel Chandler Harris are another, more valuable, depiction of the speech-patterns of the immediate descendants of slaves. The primary humor of the stories is of the mischief and predicaments of four pre-school playmates at the late 19th century in America. And this aspect is very entertaining. So thrilled to find this series on GoodReads.