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You are loved and appreciated! Several of our 8th grade students along with our band director, Mr. Along with a truck load literally of other awards. These band members and their leaders and parents have worked so very hard since summer to make this happen. Go Cougars! Go Tigers!

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We are proud of you! Competition Cheer came in 1st again These Long Cane girls played with the high school JV softball team and were an amazing for the season.

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Great job, Ladies! We are so proud! Hart and her Ag program are growing strong!

This week we celebrate one of our 6th grade math team members and our constant source of energy and positivity. Christine Cunningham selflessly supports everyone around her, students and adults alike, all while being a fabulous math teacher. We are so proud to call her ours!

Today, we recognized our Staff members of the Week for the first 2 weeks of school. Week 1: our selfless, self-contained exceptional education teacher, Diana Williams! Ladies, we love and appreciate all you do! Christine Cunningham and Mr. Jud Newman. Staff of the Week Posted On: Monday, October 14, Stacie Hart goes above and beyond for 8th grade science and has also managed to take her middle school Ag program to the next level. Staff of the Week Posted On: Wednesday, August 28, This week we celebrate one of our 6th grade math team members and our constant source of energy and positivity.

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Paleocomputing watch: Tech magazines cover the BBS scene The wonderful folks at Paleotronic previously have rounded up scans of articles from s-era computer magazines that advised new computer users on navigating the burgeoning world of dial-up BBSes. I went to school out here. I went to Arizona State. I competed in Arizona my whole life. I love competing out here, being from Arizona. Just to have the opportunity to be here and fight in front of my family and friends, to me is just an amazing card to be a part of. I wanted to be there for the whole pregnancy, for the whole first year.

It was kind of hard when we had our daughter.

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So with the time off, I just got to be with my family. I love just having the time to be there for them. Breakthrough Collaborative, Philadelphia, PA. Elizabeth Chilton. Richard M.


Leventhal and Kasey Diserens. Teresa Raczek.

Sponsored by the Women in Archaeology Interest Group. March rd, Denver, CO. May th, Buffalo, NY. Cain, and Kasey Diserens Morgan.