Resilience: The New Afterword

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Resilience: Reflections on the Burdens and Gifts of Facing Life's Adversities

Edwards may be the most press-friendly press-hating jilted political spouse in history—a significant achievement in a crowded field. She is unmatched in both the relentlessness and vehemence of her image-rehabilitation campaign. Not even Hillary Clinton can compete, and she almost became president in her own resilient schlep back from the low point of the Lewinsky years.

Fler böcker av Elizabeth Edwards

Which is probably just as well, given the forests that have been destroyed in service of pillorying John Edwards. She is, by all accounts, a voracious reader, not just of books but also of blogs.

Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy (Hardcover)

Interweaving historical observation with a scientific analysis of natural processes at play in the landscape, the authors present a new paradigm of design that can adapt to the trajectories of climate change and coastal flooding. Here, the physical infrastructures of defense give way to the flexible and adaptive strategies of ecology, policy, and planning.

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Designing for Coastal Resiliency Chapter 2. Visualizing the Coast Chapter 3.

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Reimagining the Floodplain Chapter 4. Mapping Coastal Futures Chapter 5.

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Pub Date:. June Add to Cart. This is a book that will be quietly passed from hand to hand, and it will surely offer great comfort to its intended readers. The candor and simplicity with which she shared all of it is a kind of gift.

Structures of Coastal Resilience

Helpful, moving. But there are things we can do for ourselves, and for other people who are hurting, that will really allow that resilience to bloom.

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Her deeply personal book is more than memoir; interspersed with devastating scenes are equally powerful strategies for coping when your world has gone tilt. Here are stories of sometimes unimaginable pain and loss, but also of how human beings nonetheless have the capacity to endure and even thrive. This book is not just an absorbing read.

Sheryl Sandberg on Grief, Resilience in New Book

It also provides lessons that everyone needs to learn. Then she and Adam translate her personal story into a powerful, practical guide for anyone trying to build resilience in their own lives, communities, and companies. Both individually and collectively, we all need to understand the power of rehabilitation, recovery, and redemption if we are to overcome adversity. Option B [has] advice for people who are grieving. Within Option B there are lessons for leaders who want to make organizations more resilient, help employees recover from a loss—or crisis—and create workplaces that are more prepared to deal with failure.

Sandberg shares a great deal of herself and what she has learned. At its core the book helps those who have been felled by despair: a guide both for those who have directly suffered loss and for those who are close to people who have. The book is also a practical guide for handling grief and adversity.