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Talk Directly to a Care Advisor Printed Copy Digital Directories. Increased lighting, especially at the front and back entrances, maybe with motion sensors so the lights come on as you approach the entrance.

Increasing the wattage of the bulbs in interior hallways and stairways. Adding larger windows, skylights or task lighting to the kitchen.

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Making a safer entrance with a ramp and railings and smooth threshold transitions between rooms and outdoor decks or patios. Similar Posts. Top Home Safety Tips for Seniors Out of all age demographics, senior citizens are perhaps the most at risk of safety issues Hospital Discharge Safety Tips for Senior Citizens After major incidents like a fall, stroke, or infection, going back home requires a lot of Essential Facts on Senior Palliative Care As a result of aging, older adults often experience a variety of illnesses that cause them During the remodeling process, Shower and Bathing Tips for Family Caregivers If a spouse or aging parent you care for has severe mobility limitations or a chronic Kitchen Health and Safety Reminders Whether it be a fall, cuts, food poisoning, or other injuries, the kitchen can be a Maintenance Tips for a Great Home for Seniors Here are some of the best home maintenance tips you can apply to make your home Stay in Your Home with a Straight vs Curved Stairlift There are straight and curved stairlifts available for both indoor and outdoor applications In other cases, it could mean having your sister stay at your house for a week every two months so you can get away.

No solution will be perfect, but any help you can get will lessen the workload for you. Check out our additional helpful tips on how to ask family to help with caregiving.

Home Safety for Seniors: Safety Solutions for Independent Seniors

Caring for an older adult can also place a significant financial burden on your family. Reducing caregiving costs as much as possible helps decrease the amount of financial pressure and stress. Free practical caregiving tips make life easier. Read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. I found this article very helpful.

I am searching for articles about the essential products to keep on hand when caring for a dementia patient and things to change around the home to help keep the person safe. So glad this article has been useful! Essential products will really depend on the person, their regular daily routine, and their health needs.

Elderly Home safety - Simplify and Organize Your Senior's Life

I really love this article on caring for your aging parent at home. It can be a beautiful thing if we just all gave more time. This was a really good read for me, Thank You Daily Caring. Thank you for the post. We never send unwanted email.

Making Your Home Senior Friendly

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Needs of Older People & People with Disabilities

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