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Next page. Recent searches:. Close-up Of Silhouette Hand Against Shadows Black simple analog clock showing midnight hanging on the dark brown wall with copy space on the left. Two triangle shadows from above and one rounded shad Close-up Of Multi Colored Shadows On A Wall Playing with shadows on wall Black simple analog clock showing midnight hanging on the dark brown wall with copy space on the right. Three triangle shadows from above and one roun Wall shadow of hand dropping coin in glass jar.

Three shadows of an arm and a hand on white background Painting the wall with number. End of year, welcome New year. Side view of young woman in shadows underneath bridge leaning against wall looking away smiling, London, UK Three shadows of an arm and a hand on white background an old blue door in a stone wall in Bath England, UK Shadow waving back Gingerbread man wall shadow man's hand playing with the shadows: silhouette of the dog's head on the wall Young rural Indian village boys shadow on a sun lit wall pointing.

Flickering Shadows on Walls and Rocks

Andhra Pradesh, India Shadow of a hand on a wall man's hand playing with the shadows: silhouette of the dog's head on the wall Young rural Indian village boys shadow on a sun lit wall with prayer hands. Andhra Pradesh, India Young female hands making a bird Chinese shadow on a concrete wall.

Man's hand holding glass of chia pudding with mango smoothie garnished with kiwi Young rural Indian village boys shadow on a sun lit wall with prayer hands. Andhra Pradesh, India Creative photo of three people shadows on white wall gesturing Hand of a young male holding a knife walking past a brick wall A galvanized hand rail joins on to a sky blue wall bathed in sunshine with shadows cast along it, fort william town center Creative photo of happy people shadows on white wall holding hands Greetings!

Abstract background of shadows man walking up the stairs and street light on a white wall. Creative photo of happy people shadows on white wall gesturing high five Shadow of a falling girl hand in the air at the war memorial Loose urban tile wall with crevices and shadows Safety railings along the edge of the sea wall at Paignton.

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Man touching wood paneling with fingers, cropped view Coconut telegraph, an old phone mounted on an exterior wall in St Barts, explaining that it is a way to communicate directly with Key West Man leaning against yellow wall with hands in pockets Rear view of a sad woman hand on wall by the window Young woman gesturing in front of a wall Scary shadow of human hand on stone surface Helping hand - Hands helping Three paddles hanging on a white wall A fork with a piece of sausage and shadow of a hand holding it behind Young Businessman Afraid Of Devil Shadow Falling On Wall The shadow of a man with a camera on the illuminated wall, who photographs people on the street Person touching wall, rear view, blurred Black analog clock showing midnight hangs on a dark wall Hand shadows in fron ot brick wall Shadows of children playing on the wall.

Hand up, showing muscles. Copy space. Germany, Duesseldorf, portrait of smiling little boy and shadow of Duesseldorf's cartwheeler on wall Black and white photograph of a silver metal potato masher and hand whisk hanging up on a kitchen wall with white tiles there are long shadows from th Cupped hand catching butterflies, cropped view Couple walking hand in hand towards a low sun along a seawall path with Southend town silhouetted in the background, boats and cyclist.

It's our minds playing tricks on us, our eyes seeing things in a fraction of a second that isn't really there—illusions.

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Real shadows caused by passing auto headlights, or some similar explanation. And without a doubt, these explanations probably can account for some if not many experiences. The human eye and mind are easily fooled. But can they account for all cases? To call these entities ghosts demands first a definition of what we mean by ghosts.

Dark Shadows Wall, 5.8-5.12c

But by almost any definition, shadow people are somewhat different than ghost phenomena. In general, although the shadow people often do have a human outline or shape, because they are dark, the details of their appearance is lacking. This is in contrast to many ghost sightings in which the witness can describe the ghost's facial features, style of clothing, and other details. The one detail most often noted in some shadow being sightings are their glowing red eyes.

The dark countenance and malevolent feelings that are often reported in association with these creatures have led some researchers to speculate that they may be demonic in nature. If they are demons, we have to wonder what their purpose or intent is in letting themselves be seen in this manner. Is it merely to frighten? Perhaps, this theory says, we are seeing the ephemeral astral bodies of these twilight travelers. Another theory is that people from the future could have found the means to travel to the past—our time.

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  • Is it just the mind playing tricks, or something more?.
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  • However they are able to accomplish this incredible feat, perhaps in that state, they appear to us merely as passing shadows as they observe the events of our timeline. Even mainstream science is fairly convinced that there are dimensions other than the three we inhabit. And if these other dimensions exist, who or what if anything inhabits them? Some theorists say that these dimensions exist parallel and very close to our own, although invisible to us. And if there are inhabitants in these other dimensions, it is possible that they have found a way to intrude on our dimension and become, at least partially, visible? If so, they could very well appear as shadows. It has long been held by psychics and other sensitives that beings on other planes of existence are of different " vibrations. The alien and abduction phenomena are so bizarre that it's no surprise that extraterrestrials are suspects as the shadow people.

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    Abductees have reported in many cases that the alien grays seem to be able to pass through walls and closed windows and to appear and disappear abruptly, among other otherworldly talents. Perhaps, too, they can go about their alien agenda disguised in the shadows. There's a good deal of overlapping among the above ideas, of course. Aliens and ghosts could be inter-dimensional beings, or aliens could be time travelers—and some believe demons are responsible for all of these disturbing phenomena.