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Our Philausophy Come live our Philausophy. Experience the 9 Philausophies A book about Philausophy Australian lifestyle guide. Deals and travel packages Exclusive deals. View all offers. Popular Searches. Come live our Philausophy Explore now. Discover the best of Australia. Travel inspiration Come live our Philausophy.

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Places to go Guide to Brisbane. Things to do Australia's trendiest food and wine experiences. Places to go Guide to the Great Barrier Reef. Places to go Guide to Perth. Facts and planning Things to do in Australia's summer. Things to do Fish species in Australia. Things to do Australia's best beaches. Philausophy is a book written by fascinating Aussies who live the lifestyle — and have the stories to prove it. Read more. If you work for a multinational company, you could even remain in that company back on UK shores.

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Another is that employers LOVE people who have travelled. Well, they tend to return home with way more confidence than those who never left, and that alone is often more important than grades or even experience.

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Australia is a great place to develop that confidence, because while it's the other side of the world, the culture is really similar to the UK, so you'll assimilate easily. Right now, we have some fantastic discounts on travel to Australia. There is a mind-boggling choice when it comes to places to visit in Australia. The east coast is hugely popular and rightly so , with most travellers starting either in Melbourne in Victoria or Sydney in New South Wales, and then making their way up to Cairns in Queensland. Western Australia offers a quieter, more off-the-beaten track experience, though its largest city.

Australia lends itself perfectly to tours — it was made for adventure! Take in all the best bits and make lifelong friends along the way. Some are practical, some are inspirational, and some are just ridiculous trivia to impress your friends on the plane with. It also comes in schooners ml and pots ml.

Due to its size, Australia has several different climate zones, ranging from oceanic to tropical to desert to rainforest to savanna. Basically, pack sun cream. You might associate the humble camel mostly with the Middle East, but Australia has the largest population of feral camels in the world. It even sells them to Saudi Arabia. You know how we said the Aussies love beer?

Ex-Prime Minister Bob Hawke once held the world record for drinking a yard of ale in 11 seconds. Only in Australia. Australia has the largest continuous fence in the world. It measures in at about miles. Check out the latest news and images from Australia! Hi Sharon! You can check my resources page here for sites I recommend to search for flights, accommodation, tours, and more. Kyle November 19, am. Hi there, i am travelling to Australia relatively soon and i was wondering what documentation i need to take to the airport with me.

Can you please point me in the right direction or give me some advise on what to take with me? Ali Garland November 20, pm. Hi Kyle! Other than your passport, you might need a visa, depending on your country of citizenship.


I hope that helps! Abdul October 19, am. Will my Visa be approved? Ali Garland October 19, am. Venus July 24, pm. Ali Garland July 24, pm. Debby July 19, pm. Thank you for your topic.

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I will be travelling to Australia in October. They approved me for a Visa, but one of the comments in the Visa saying that I should be Tuberculosis free which I am. Do they need approve of that when I go to the airport or when I get to Australia? Have you had such a thing before?

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Is there something I need to do? Thank you in advance. Ali Garland July 21, am. Hi Debby! Taylor Masse May 30, am. My friend and I applied for our working holiday visas, I got accepted right away but she has to do a health examination before she can be approved, I was wondering if you had any clue as to why?

Ali Garland May 31, pm. Could be random? Could be the way she answered something on the application? Jean leon de May 28, pm. I am jean. My australian b. What are the first steps going to do? Ali Garland May 28, pm. If your boyfriend is from Australia, maybe he can give you some pointers. It really depends on your interests — cities, nature, ocean, mountains, different activities, etc.

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Charity Qoboshiyane April 5, am. I am interested on visiting Australia April ,I have a Passport only. Ali Garland April 6, pm. Wathsala February 20, am. Hi, I hope to visit Australia in April I have some issues to ask? I am travelling with may husband and daughter. Can I bring hair oil, hair dye, shampoo, cinditioner, facial cream etc for my personal use? Also I need to bring some herbal medicines for my personal use? Will I be allowed to bring them? Ali Garland February 22, pm. Hair oil, shampoo, conditioner, facial cream, and other cosmetics are fine.

If they are 3. Anything bigger must go in your checked luggage.