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Fortunately, a more tangible, genuinely biological immortality already is available to men, at sperm banks. Sperm banks are not only places of male immortality, but also shrines to perspective on maleness itself.

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In half a dozen large, round, squat tanks filled with liquid nitrogen, something like 36 trillion live sperm slumber at minus degrees Fahrenheit in about , ampules. The ultimate maleness of a man who applies to be an anonymous donor is writ on a tiny grid under a microscope that magnifies his semen specimen times.

An examiner hand counts the number of sperm in any 10 consecutive horizontal or vertical squares, and assesses how many are moving, and how energetically.

Magnifying a specimen 1, times, and using purple stain to increase visibility, the examiner calculates how many of the sperm are badly formed by virtue of having double heads, double tails, twisted tails and other abnormalities. She ran a shaking hand through her thick hair.

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Jax rose from the chair and nodded towards her, "You can sit here. Jax leaned against the wall, his eyes glued to her as skepticism clouded his face.

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It was something I understood as I too was wary of her and this situation. Everyone in the room stiffened, we all knew who her father was, but hearing it didn't make it any better. She clasped her hands in her lap and kept her eyes low as she began to speak, "My parents were both mortals, and my mom died giving birth to me twenty-three years ago. My dad was so brokenhearted that he vowed to never let his child die, he promised he would find a way to keep his daughter alive forever.

I have been eighteen for five years and this was not the life I had wanted, I wanted to live and die, not be stuck in time forever.

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She became quiet then, and I glanced around the room, everyone still had their eyes on her. The only person who did not look the least bit nervous about her presence was John.

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Instead, he seemed sympathetic for her story, he seemed like he wanted to hold her and tell her that everything was going to be okay.